Who We Are


We are an association of homeschooling families who wish for our children to have diplomas recognized by the state of Georgia.  In the summer of 2000, nine families joined together to seek accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (ACIS).  We were granted acceptance on our initial application and screening. In July of 2005, we were granted accreditation through the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC), the premier statewide accrediting body.


We are not a homeschool support group, although, we offer some of the things that a support group may offer our focus is not support. We offer no services for new home- schooling families. We are not a transcript service. While we work together on producing professional quality transcripts for students who have completed our requirements, we are not in the business of making transcripts. We are not a for-profit business. We are not a school. While several of our families offer academic classes, these are outside of the scope of NIPA. Our members are free to choose from a variety of curriculum, classes, and other methods of home learning.

 Our center is located at Lilburn Alliance Church. Michelle Shaw currently serves as our director. Although she is also the director of Eastside Academic Studies, there is no formal connection between NIPA and Eastside.  NIPA students do not have to attend Eastside classes and Eastside students do not have to be members of NIPA.

Before joining NIPA it is important for each family to be familiar with the guidelines and to understand the commitments.  Each family joining is required to attend an information meeting, orientation meeting, and a general meeting.

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