1. Why does the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study, Inc. exist?

This commission is a non-profit, non-government, non-sectarian group of professional educators who give their time to bringing a professional recognition to many of the newer ways of disseminating instruction, such as: home study; tutorial instruction; programmed curricula; correspondence study; or myriad ways that an established school may utilize any, or all, of these methods. It is incorporated with the Georgia Secretary of State as a non-profit agency.

  1. What is a “center for independent study”?

A center may be formed by: a group of parents; an existing school; a support group of homeschoolers; an agency confining the young, such as a hospital; a church; or, a school for distance learning. The center serves as an ally in assisting the learner to follow adequate patterns of study, to be successful in academic achievement, to receive a professional evaluation and to receive a diploma from an accredited study program.

  1. What is the first step to be taken by a center for independent study in becoming accredited?

The center should immediately become a “candidate for accreditation”. Contact the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study at the above address indicating:

(a) the name of your group or organization; (b) that you have identified a group of independent study students and how many; (c) whether or not you are acquainted with the Georgia School Attendance regulations. If not, you will be mailed a copy.

  1. What happens next?

Your organization will be listed as a candidate for accreditation and you will be provided with an application for moving to the next level of accreditation.

  1. And after candidacy?

On receipt of the application for accreditation, with a down payment of $200.00, the Executive Director will place you on his schedule of visitation when he will assist you to meet the entry level accreditation and will point up the steps to be taken to move to the next level. The Executive Director will continue to give guidance by phone as you sense a need.

  1. How will a Center for Independent Study be recognized?

The center for independent study will be judged primarily by its structure and professional ability to evaluate the PRODUCT of instruction and the SUCCESS in academics.

  1. How expensive will it be for a group to start a center for independent study?

This will depend on the degree of volunteer service and space available to your group. The Executive Director can assist in forming an economical operation.

  1. Can a student who graduates from an accredited center be assured of admission to a college?

No accrediting agency can assure the student that he/she will be admitted to college. Accreditation can assure that the student’s graduation has the professional recognition and approval of a professional accrediting group. However, the centers/schools that meet the standards of the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study have been recognized by the University System of Georgia and by the Georgia Technical Colleges for admission into college.

The above information is from the former ACIS website.


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